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Windstorm shakes the foundation of BC Hydro’s weather prediction system

Vancouver Sun
It shouldn't have done, though.
This is probably something PIEVC would've discerned, had they the resources.
As it is, now, we can only guess as to what will happen.
Our current scientists and engineers have done their best, but without the full support and backing of both provincial and federal governments, the best we can do is probably just not good enough.
Is this storm a one-off? Or will there be more in the future? Should we expect this sort of pattern every year, now? Or is this a fifty year event, and we can take our time in bolstering our power lines throughout the province?
What about roads? What about the buildings being built, now? How about guidelines for trees on properties near buildings?
What of snowfall? What of storm water in the spring? How about our soil? Our lakes? Our rivers? Our trees? BC's at risk for forest fires. Will they increase, not only in frequency, but also in size and ferocity?
Listen, if the federal government won't kic…

Donald Trump Just Stopped Being Funny

Matt Tabbi - Rolling Stone
Tabbi probably oversimplifies too much, here.
I can understand. I wouldn't want to give much credit to Trump, either, but that's dangerous.
Trump's campaign is dangerous. I'd even state it's proto-fascist in nature. It's what fascism looks like, before it's institutionalized.
Trump isn't an idiot, though, as Tabbi tries to illustrate. I'd even consider Trump to be especially crafty, when it comes to understanding how to appeal to the Republican base. And it's that appeal that makes his campaign deadly.
Trump has calculated how he can win the Republican primary. And so far, it seems as though he's guessed right. He says what he himself probably wants to hear.
What's worse, is if he wins the Republican primary, he may even have a chance of winning the Presidential election. Especially if the Democrats elect Clinton as their choice for president. Thus far, Trump has run as the anti-Clinton. He's genuine as opp…

The human 'superpredator' is unique -- and unsustainable, study says

Los Angeles Times
I can't imagine the world in ten years time. Twenty years. It'll be different. As different as the world was even in my own childhood. As different as the world was from my parents' childhoods.
My elders speak of our role on this Earth as caretakers. However, we've abandoned this role in favor of materialistic pursuits. Of finite beliefs that will quickly degrade into ash when stressed, as heated glass touching cold water.
All cultures historically warn us away from over-indulgence, and yet our own modern society celebrates this behavior as exemplary. This self-interest is our fatal flaw.
We take what we want, and we give nothing. This cannot last.
There are limits on this Earth we cannot comprehend in full. It is simply too vast. However, what little we do know should terrify us into acting more responsibly, even if only marginally. However we do not even do that. Our leaders urge us on to continue on as we have done. This cannot last.
Eventually, so…

You know what? I'm not even angry with Mulcair's NDP, anymore.

I'm done with them. I don't even care about them. They wanna continue purging candidates, as Dr Dawg describes it, then all the power to them. They wanna adopt neo-liberal policies, then fine. I'm done.
The NDP wants to take the neo-liberal route to power, then fine. I don't.
When, in the end, the only difference between Harper and Mulcair is facial hair, then I don't even want to bother. Fuck 'em.
I don't care enough about defeating Harper if the only option is to insert Mulcair into that very same seat to pursue the same goddamn policies.
What I want is complete and utter repudiation of the Israel first policy. I want the Tar Sands wound down, and the land eventually returned to farming and grazing, if at all still possible.
At the very least, I want an NDP leader who will brook disagreement on these issues within his own goddamn party.
If Mulcair can't handle dissent within his own ranks, then he can have my rebellion, instead.
Fuck Mulcair. Fuck the…

The NDP's Morgan Wheeldon mess

I'm angry about this.
Wheeldon's comments were certainly provocative, but they shouldn't have gotten him expelled from the party.
The NDP has betrayed this candidate, those who support Wheeldon, and those who think as Wheeldon does. There's simply no other way to put this. It's absolute betrayal.
I'm voting left of the NDP, this year, albeit that won't be too difficult to do. The NDP's moved so far right, it's no longer recognizable.
In all honesty, when the NDP does as they do, that's simply alarming to me. I'm First Nations. I find more in common with the Palestinians than the Israelis. A small indigenous population subjugated and displaced by colonialists from Europe.
I had been thinking of supporting the NDP, this election, but this has seriously chased me away. I want nothing to do with them, now. Support your members, right or wrong, NDP. Show some god damned loyalty!