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In the coming US election

There's talk of Mitt Romney running as an independent. Wonderful, a third party to split the vote between people who probably are going to stay home on election day, regardless.
Hilary Clinton, probably the most hated Democrat since Jimmy Carter, but he had at least has managed to restore his image over the past few decades. Policies? Position? We all know what she is. A neo-liberal snake oil salesman. And a poor campaigner.
Donald Trump, a sea change in the Republican Party, but he's been campaigning as a racist douche. He's been moving leftward in his campaigning, lately threatening to skive off Clinton's support on her right flank. A libertarian.
Green Party. Probably still too soon for a concerted effort at the presidency, but they should work toward growing their support.
Mitt Romney. Voters stayed home the last time he ran for president. What's changed that he should challenge again? And the old guard Republicans are hoping he'll split the vote with Trump…