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What are the neo-liberals doing?

In the USA, in regards to the election. The neo-liberals are painting the election as stolen by the Russians, as though somehow they swung the electoral college for Trump.
Except, as Ian Welsh points out, even if the leaks and the FBI did ultimately cost H. Clinton the election, both were own-goals. This cannot be stated enough. H. Clinton's email scandal was of her own design. The Russians never forced her to utilize her unsecured private email server. (That's not even getting into stating how the proof showing it was Russians who did it isn't good enough.)
What's especially concerning is how commentators are chasing this lede down a very dangerous rabbit hole. It's unsettling to hear how people would be absolutely fine with the electoral college overturning their decision, because of these accusations.
Well, that's called a coup. And if you're fine with the electoral college overturning result of an election, then you're fine with a coup, and all of i…

KRS-One - MC's Act Like They Don't Know

Guess I needed to stop being lazy, and resume blogging. Thought it was important, because people are just so gods-be-damned wrong about what's going on in the world.