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I agree with Weaver

Personality politics emerge as pipeline dispute pits Alberta against B.C.
"For Ms. Notley to tell British Columbia that somehow chasing the 20th century is the way for our future is not a good sign for her and her economy in Alberta," Weaver said.
"Frankly, I think she should get with the program and embrace the 21st century as well."
I've gotta agree with this. The tar sands have become a money pit, an economic black hole from which Canada needs to try escaping before they take down the entire economy. Back in 2009, Canada was spending $30 billion a year in subsidies so that the tar sands could generate a mere $10 billion in profit. That's, frankly, insane. That was when the price of crude was well over $100 per barrel. With prices falling dramatically to below $50 per barrel, that $10 billion in profit dried up rather quickly. And whatever profit was being generated fell just as much as the price of oil, which means Canada's now probably spending at a four to one (if not five to one) ratio by now, and if spending at a three to one ratio was insane, what do we call ourselves, now?
And we haven't even gotten into exploring how the US dollar effects oil prices, and how anytime it rises, it craters the price of oil even further, which means any economy that's dependent upon the price of crude is caught in a vicious boom and bust cycle. And the booms don't last very long anymore, and the busts become more and more despairing.
At some point, Alberta, and Canada as a whole, need to stop. It's over. Oil dreams are over. It's time to start retiring the drills, and shift Alberta's economy to something more viable over the long term.
There's so little economic benefit to the Kinder Morgan pipeline that now it stinks of an act of desperation by both the province of Alberta and its tar sands surrogates to drive that pipeline through. And the risks of the pipeline far outweigh any benefits BC would ever see from it. There's no reason for BC to accept this monstrosity running through its lands, endangering its waters, both fresh and salt.
And for BC to win this damned argument, it doesn't even need to work to win. All BC has to do is halt progress on it. Tie it up in the courts. Alberta can probably wait out any siege, but not its surrogates. And BC doesn't have any such liability placing its own coffers at risk. Just put up the barricades, and wait this out.


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Thinking along the lines of this, I suppose

Made a comment at The Disaffected Lib. Reposted here for personal archival purposes, as I may build upon some of the themes within.

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